“Found in Translation” Award Ceremony in Shakespeare Theatre

The second edition of “Found in Translation” Gdańsk Meetings of Literary Translators took place on 9–11 April 2015 and focused on the translation of English literature. Multimedia stage design consisted of interconnected blocks styrofoam and hips. Mirror hips mounted in the lateral parts of Styrofoam reflected animations displayed on the frontal walls of the structure. Main inspiration for me were books which I could revive by live animation. 


Annais Fashion Show 2016

In the sophisticated interiors of the Warsaw Primate's Palace was presented the biggest wedding fashion show of brand ANNAIS. Fashion Show consisted of three parts: the spanish, the natural and the phenomenal elegant. At the end was surprising finale that closed the presentation of awards to the best salons. Choreographer was polish dancer Maciek Florek. Zdjęcia: Michał Mańka, Robert Przepiórka.

Arbor Cosmica

Composed by Andrzej Panufnik "Arbor Cosmica" has 12 evocation for 12 string instruments. Whole combines thoughtful design with variable expression. Concert at the Cultural Centre in Poznan combines the original performance evocation of their electronic remixes, instrumental improvisation, dance and visuals. My set design was inspired mainly texturami relating to the tree of life. Music: Andrzej Sudnik,choreography: Andrzej Adamczak, dance: Gosia Mielech

Opera Pierrot Lunaire

Is the study of artist who is fighting against the world with its own creative power and powerlesness, leads internal dialogue with his muse - a symbolic Pierrot. The performance of many frontier areas of art: Theatre, contemporary music, dance and visual arts is described by live animation. The whole consist of 21 songs written by Abrnold Schonberg. Symbiosis strong playing on the emotions of the music video is based on mathematical principles. A world full of chaos which apparently govern abstract forms, is closed in the strict order. My comment to the logically structured of Schonbergs music were consistently repeated in each animation created from fractals. Premiere was held on 12th of august 2013 at the centre contemporary art in Warsaw.

Director: Natalia Kozłowska Conductor: Rafał Kłoczko


Urban art balances between art and vandalism. Its an unfettered statement, in which theanonymous creators can express themselves without caring about commercial trends or being politically correct. Anonymous expresses a gentle fusion between the real and surreal, between the quotidian and the ethereal, and merges these dual realities into one. This kind of creation, as with street art, can never be finished or defined.

Concept / performance: Gosia Mielech DanceLab Live music: Anna Suda

Modern Pierrot

This is the result of my reflections based on the relationship between Muse and Pierrot Lunaire. That influence - sometimes exerted by the Muse on Pierrot, sometimes not - puched me to my own interpretation of Pierrot emotional states. In combination with music I am creating a kind of visual amplitude. Electronic reinterpretation of Schonbergs tracks is created by a polish music producer An on Bast. Modern Pierrot is an analogy of relationship between Muse and the artist. 

Modern Pierrot in Cape Town! LPM from Olga Warabida on Vimeo.

Gianni Schicchi

"The main element of the set design has become a big screen, which displayed the black-and-white, original Warabidas animations. Into the motion scenography were mounting live comics subtitles at the show. In total, the idea was little crazy, but gave very good results. Warabidas projections are hard to describe: unreal images inspired by the former Florence (where the action of Schicchi takes place) [...]" Tomasz Flasinski, biweekly: Ruch Muzyczny 12/2013

Conductor: Rafał Kłoczko, director: Natalia Kozłowska

Le Ville

After 120 years, Baltic Opera was presenting Le Ville the first time in Poland. Le Villi are two-parts act of opera-ballet written by Giacomo Puccini for libretto by Ferdinando Fontana. Stage design consisted of three screens with a height of 5 meters. Visualizations were displayed using two projectors and mirror. This arrangement allowed for the depth of the scene, which was necessary with presence of many artists. Inspiration for twelve tracks of Puccini were aluminum used before to printmaking. Conductor: Rafał Kłoczko director: Natalia Kozłowska