"The installation, which is a remix of Józef Szajna's work, is an attempt to look at one's own senses. Built from venetian mirrors, space engages sight and hearing, letting you look at yourself and act as an observer. This kind of dichotomy provokes reflection on the life and the role of each of us in society. As the artist notes: "Getting to know Józef Szajny's art is almost comparable to reading someone else's diary. Strong, emotional messages and associations in his work reinforce the power of message, through which the viewer perceives himself to be an essential part of the whole project. Recipient's activity in the remix is an image-level interaction - a sound that circulates around the subject of contemporary human intimacy."

project artist: Olga Warabida, sound designer: Anna Suda, curator: Jolanta Niedoba, Muzeum Śląskie

exhibition: 19.11.2016-26.02.2017, Silesian Museum in Katowice, T. Dobrowolskiego 1 Street

Little Ice Age

Little Ice Age is a sound installation that serves as a surreal intervention into the fabric of the city. We drew inspiration for our work from historical records according to which in the past, winters in our climate were so severe that it was possible to travel between Sweden and Poland across the frozen Baltic Sea. Therefore, at the height of a spring time in Gdańsk pedestrians walking on the footbridge over the Radunia canal, connecting Rybaki Dolne and Górne Streets, will have the opportunity to experience a truly winter-like situation and revive feelings accompanying the act of crossing the frozen Baltic Sea. Participants bodies will serve as interfaces, which bring installation into life, and the triggered sound will change the perception of reality. Sound composer: Anna Suda