'The main element of the set design has become a big screen, which displayed the black-and-white, unique animations of Warabida: with mounted comic subtitles at the show. In total, the idea was little crazy, but gave very good results. Warabidas projections are hard to describe: unreal images inspired by the Florence in 50s [...]' Tomasz Flasinski, biweekly: Music Movement 12/2013

Polish, interdisciplinary artist of the young generation, who creates a visual language, mostly interactive for the recipients. Mutual work of her own senses supported by 6 years of experience are the basis for her creation. Already at the Academy of Fine Arts she worked several times with opera houses and theaters, creating a  multimedia scenograpny. In addition, Olga focus on installation in space, graphic design and illustration. The most important places where she presented multimedia works are: the Cultural Center of Digital and Technology IMAL in Brussels, the Castle City Hall in Cape Town, the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, the Center for Contemporary Art in Gdansk Laznia, the Uprising Museum in Warsaw, the Poster Museum  in Wilanow, the Baltic Opera in Gdansk, the Cultural Centre of Castle in Poznan, the Festivals OFAFA and Etude&Anima in Krakow.

She is a laureate of international competition Hydro Active City for the best interactive and digital installation 'Little Ice Age' presented in Poland and abroad. In November 2013, she performed at the Festival of Live Performers Meeting in South Africa in Cape Town with live animation project 'Modern Pierrot'. During the study on Polish - Japanease Institution od Computer Technology (2008-2013) Olga received Award of Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw for the best motion graphic of the month 'Influzja'. In 2011 Olga received a scholarship at the University of Salford in the UK, so that by the year she was a resident of Great Britain. Currently, she is a lecturer in the School of Advertising in Warsaw

Despite the abstract than figurative forms of communication, the biggest inspiration for her are people.

  • I prize in the international competition HYDRO ACTIVE CITY for urban interactive installation 'Little Ice Age', Artline South Baltic, Brussels (Belgium), Gdansk (Poland).
  • Awarded to participation in international multimedia festival Live Performers Meeting, live animating visualisation Modern Pierrot to electronic version  - made by An on Bast - of Arnold Schoenbergs compositions, South Africa, Cape Town.
  • Awarded to participate in the film short 'Living Theatre' Festival OFAFA, Krakow, Poland.
  • Awarded to participate in the film short 'Living Theatre',Etiuda&Anima Festival in Krakow, Poland.
  • Award of Rector of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts for Graphic of Month in Warsaw, visualization 'Influzja' to the electronic version of Chopin's works, Warsaw, Poland.


I have been working for those clients while working as a freelancer or with different art studios and agencies.